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Want to add credibility to your website, infomercial or other communications?

CertifiedTRUTH certifies the truthfulness of customer testimonials and other statements made on a website.

CertifiedTRUTH gives you a weapon to fight back against defamation and untruthful reviews.

Want to fight libel and defamation? Is your business the victim of libel or slander on the internet? If you have investigated your legal options, you know they are few and very expensive. Legal action can also take years, all the while the libelous material remains on the web. Just try to get a temporary restraining order or injunction against a web site! You will soon find out it is either extremely difficult and expensive, or downright impossible. If the site is hosting content written by third parties, it is protected by the DMCA and a civil action against the site will be a waste of time and money.

Does your competition make false statements about your business? We can investigate and certify those statements as false. There is also the chance we will certify them as true or undetermined.

We will join or log into all the message boards you are defamed on and post a truthful statement with our security seal. If you are defamed in blogs, we will email the blog with the correct information. The truthful information and your company information will be posted on Certified-true.com and on True.CertifiedTRUTH.com. The security seal will go to CertifiedTRUTH.com which is our SSL encrypted domain. We are not done there. We also post that the information is false at our secure site False.CertifiedTRUTH.com and on CertifiedFALSE.com. One site is encrypted and the other is not. You can also place our trust seal on your own sites and that links to this SSL Secure Domain for certification. You get seals to use on your own postings.

We also authorize you to respond to defamatory statements and place our link and/security seal in your own postings to direct readers to the information on our site. You have a choice to use the true statements or the notification of the statements being false.

Blue Planet Security Corporation is the only company on the internet offering such a service.

Is your business the victim of a "your-company-sucks" website? Even if you have the funding for a legal action, the law will not help you in a hurry. If the website is in another state and you have to proceed in U.S. District Court, it will be very expensive and time consuming.

If the site is hosted out of the country, there is little you can do.

CERTIFIED-TRUTH can help, and at a very reasonable fee.

We can generally certify a group of 3 related customer testimonials for a fee of only $49.95. Most investigations of disputes can be completed for only only $89.95. On the other hand, a full investigation is available which could include travel and other expenses. An actual investigation will include sworn statements, videotaped statements and other documentation good enough to use in court. These investigations can be done by Blue Planet staff, or we may contract them out to licensed private investigators in the relevant state(s) depending upon the legal and factual nature of the investigation.

Sure, you could hire private investigator John Doe, but he is not Blue Planet Security Corporation, and he is not going to do a website for you. Besides, to the public he is John Doe and has no more credibility than you do.

Do you have a small publicly traded corporation? If your corporation's stock is traded on NASDAQ or the Pink Sheets, you can be the victim of shorting as easily as the big guys. Individuals on stock boards can post untrue information about your business to drive down your stock price. People can also post false information to drive up the price of the stock they already own so they can sell it at a profit. This stock price manipulation, especially in low volume stocks, can be very devastating. Corporate officers are often unable to address these issues due to SEC rules and due to practical issues like the amount of time it would take. Even more of a problem, who is really going to believe the president or another officer of the company is actually posting. Anyone can sign up on a message board under any name. Blue Planet can help. We will register under real names with links back to our site. If the board allows images we will post a picture of the Blue Planet employee, or it might be the CEO himself. We could also post an image of our logo. If anyone tried spoofing us using our logo, we wouldn't have to worry about libel law and so forth, we would sue in state or federal court for trademark infringment. The DMCA does NOT protect any site or message board against trademark infringement.

One thing we should point out. Using a trademark of a company in a review is generally fair use. Fair use however is not a law, or a right, it is merely a defense after a civil action is filed. In the case of someone spoofing us, using our logo, that would be civil fraud and trademark infringement. A defense of fair use would be impossible. The original poster and the site itself would also open themselves to a massive civil action for damages to our reputation and credibility. Actually, once we explain this to a message board or site owner, we are very confident that the offending party and their messages will be gone.

In other words, things that a poster or a website could get away with towards you, they could not get away with aginst us. Blue Planet, as a third party with strong intellectual property rights, would be in the ideal position to shut these people up and shut them down.

Our Secure Client Level will also include a large amount of information on libel, defamation law, related torts and how to fight these torts. We will also provide various methods of dealing with these problems without resorting to state or federal civil action.

Certified-Truth.com also has two other websites which will contain the client's information and our determination. This Certified-Truth site will be mainly aimed at informing visitors about our services, while CERTIFIED-TRUE.com and CertifiedFALSE.com will be dedicated to issues that we have certified. This will also improve search engine results for our clients.

Are you slandered on message boards? For a small additional fee, we will join the board and post a message informing the readers of the result of our investigation. We can also take other positive actions to help repair your reputation on the internet.

Certified-Truth is the only service of its kind.

Blue Planet Offices, Inc. owns CertifiedTruth.com, Certified-Truth.com, CerfifiedFalse.com, CertifiedFALSE.com, CertifiedFalse.info and Certified-True.com.

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Certified-TRUTH, a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is one of a family of sites providing security services including blueplanetsecurity.com, DMCA1.com, CertifiedURL.com, and other sites and services.

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Certified-TRUTH will be providing a very needed service for the internet at very reasonable costs to help the internet move beyond the wild west that it is now.

We will be launching this service soon. If you are interested in more information please click the Contact link below. Thank you.

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